Construction Overview


Building To Change Lives

Ever since the mission of The Crossing began eleven years ago, God has been adding to our numbers year after year.  But now we’re at a formidable roadblock.  An increasing lack of space is significantly hindering our ability to accomplish the vision and mission we believe God has given this church.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a regenerative and redemptive presence in Columiba (and Mid-Missouri)that is engaged in the process of seeing the gospel restore the lives of individuals, families, and the community.  We want to change the way Christians think about all that God is for them in Christ.  And we want to change the way non-Christians think about Christians.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to move more and more people’s hearts and minds to believe the gospel more and more – growing together in treasuring all that God is for us in Jesus.

Building Cost Summary

Below is a summary of costs for the new building expansion and what was spent on the recently completed auditorium expansion.

3D Renderings


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